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Because I like historical smack-downs. This is abolitionist Theodore Parker, writing in 1859 as soon as he heard of Rufus Choate’s death:

“Justice was not in him; Truth was not in him. His public life was a great lie. His practice was habitual deceit. Such lawyers make prosperity, reputation, life itself insincere- for they are the natural auxiliaries of robbers and swindlers of libelers and of murderers…. How many murders have been committed in N[ew] E[ngland] since you were born? How many violent robberies? They all together have not debauched the public mind so much as Rufus Choate. He was not on the side of the Right and the True; but against them. His function as a lawyer was to work on a case for a scoundrel- a murderer, a swindler, bankrupt, a dishonest invader of parent, a sea captain who scuttles his ship. His art was “to make the worse appear the better reason” and not failing to make his hearers incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong. He hesitates at no artifice; no trick was too mean or little for him. He held high office in the Ho[use] of Rep[resentatives] and in the Senate. He disgraced himself in both.

So suck on it preppies


Written by Peter Wirzbicki

February 4, 2010 at 08:40

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  1. “So suck on it preppies”? Rufus was the first cousin of the father of the founder of the Choate School. The school was founded thirty years after Rufus’ death.
    Don’t you think that your stretching really too far?


    February 4, 2010 at 20:24

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