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Assholes of the day, Part 3897

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I was tooling around last night and found this. Its a company that’s sole purpose is to provide scabs to an employer whose workers are on strike.

And here is the screen which advertises their “references,” companies that have used their services. All the winners there: Aramark, Boeing, General Dynamics, a disturbing amount of hospitals…

Think of it as a handy guide to companies you should never, ever frequent.

I wonder about these guys though. At what point will they make union busting so successful that they themselves will be out of a job since there are no more unions left to bust. Surely their services would be in demand more if more unions felts confident enough to strike. Its like a weird fucked up version of the old Marxist maxim about the capitalist who will sell you the rope to hang himself. But this time both the capitalist and the worker ends up hanging.

If they were smart, they would join up with Jackson Lewis, and all the other anti-union lawfirms, and lobby for EFCA. Then they would have strikes to bust and innocent people to intimidate for years to come.


Written by Peter Wirzbicki

February 16, 2010 at 09:35

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