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Dirty Hippies

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By Wiz
Chris Bowers writes a post-mortem for the Public Option:

But, it didn’t happen. Part of me thinks that it didn’t happen explicitly because all the dirty frakking hippies were the ones pushing for a public health insurance option. And, if we had been pushing for this student loan public option, it probably would have been defeated, too.

Because that’s how politics works: defeat the dirty hippies, no matter what they are asking for, simply for the sake of saying you defeated the dirty hippies. Thus, you can claim victory over the dirty hippies, and show you stood up to their freakishness. Then, tell everyone that if you didn’t defeat the dirty hippies, Democrats would lose everything. From the leadership to the rank and file, the Democratic ecosystem is rife with that belief.

That’s the best argument I’ve ever heard for why we need some even dirtier hippies. Let’s make the dirty hippies look reasonable and responsible. C’mon, where is Abby Hoffman when we need him?


Written by Peter Wirzbicki

March 22, 2010 at 21:04

Posted in Health Care, The Left

2 Responses

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  1. Wiz, you’re really giving up too easy here cos what the hell is this Bowers character talking about? Maybe I need to get out of Breukelen a little more often, but are you really telling me 60% of Americans are dirty frakking hippies? In this instance, the hippies really were reasonable and responsible:


    March 23, 2010 at 11:12

  2. Dirty Hippies are like god, in that they (or at least the dirty hippies of contemporary discourse) never really existed, but their invention was required. Before there were dirty hippies, there were commies, and (for the very young) the bogeyman. But, it has always been thus. Didn’t folks like Lincoln seek to prove their own moderation by contrasting themselves with the abolitionists? Sometimes imaginary foils like dirty hippies are useful instruments. The mistake the Democrats made was accusing the dirty hippies of wanting the public option. (Bowers is wrong after all, since the public option was not what the DHs wanted, they wanted single payer, and you can’t really accuse the Dems of not wanting it-it was in the original House bill) The Democrats should have accused the hippies of wanting pure socialized medicine, in which case the public option would have been the moderate alternative. In truth, unlike the Republicans, the Democrats can’t even get demonizing straight.


    March 23, 2010 at 15:15

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