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England and Canada, electoral reform buddies?

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by Weiner

So apparently there’s an election in England today. I can’t profess to know a great deal about English politics. As a progressive, I suppose I’d like to see some sort of coalition between Labour and Lib-Dems. But what the hell do I know?

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot about though is the issue of electoral reform, how the Lib Dems will be vying for a shift to a proportional representation system, rather than the “first past the post” system they have know, where the winner in a particular riding (or do they call it district) gets the seat if he or she gets the majority of the votes, and all the votes for other candidates count for nothing.

This is also the current system in Canada for electing Prime Minister. And while the United States can use its fair share of electoral reform, I wonder if people are as in to this in Canada. I mean certainly these people are. I confess I haven’t been keeping up with Canadian coverage of the English elections. Do Canadians care about this issue? I have to say it would be nice if my NDP vote in my riding, a Liberal stronghold, would finally count for something.


Written by David Weinfeld

May 6, 2010 at 10:04

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