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Thoughts on LOST finale

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by weiner [spoiler alert!]

So the finale was sort of ok but mostly disappointing. I basically agree with this New York Times review, which correctly stated that “most of the post-mortem discussion of the finale will involve parsing and grading that final 10-minute sequence.”

I for one, felt a bit cheated. While I like Matthew Fox (I called his character “Charlie” for the first couple of seasons in homage to his role on Party of Five, which was especially confusing as there was another central character on LOST named Charlie), I have to say that his character, Jack Sheppard, is lame. I mean super-lame.

As a result, when Kate (played by Canadian Evangeline Lilly) chooses Jack, she becomes super-lame. The only time she’s not super lame, is when she chooses Sawyer (played by Josh Holloway) by far the best character on the show.

The writers of LOST, through their alternate reality storyline, had a chance to do the unthinkable: to have the love triangle go both ways.  They could have had Kate choose Jack in one reality, to satisfy that saps who wanted it that way, and have her choose Sawyer in the other, the way it should have been. (Can you imagine a universe where Joey picks Dawson on Dawson’s Creek? I always wanted to, even though Dawson was also super-lame).Instead, the LOST boys doubled-down on Jack and Kate, and had Sawyer realize that his true love in Juliette, even though their relationship always felt absurdly forced and contrived.

I suppose it’s possible that Sawyer and Kate got together after their plane landed back on the mainland (something we never see) but the final ten minutes are definitely meant to show that Jack belongs with Kate and Sawyer with Juliette. Poo.


Written by David Weinfeld

May 27, 2010 at 12:46

One Response

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  1. Interesting that you mentioned Dawson’s Creek and the possibility of a world where Joey chose Dawson. Well, there is a world where that happened. On “The Creek,” the show Dawson created based on his life, Joey and Dawson end up together. Therefore, Dawson’s Creek > Lost.


    May 27, 2010 at 13:56

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