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Grade Inflation Rant

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By Wiz

In case you haven’t seen it: law schools are purposely inflating grades in order that students have more competitive chances on the job market.

Reasons this annoys the shit out of me:

1. Of all the people to worry about getting jobs? Lawyers? C’mon. How about a subsidy for English PhDs or something.

2. This, of course, will only validate every annoying snot kid who gets a C+ because his paper is mostly quotes from Wikipedia. “You have to give me an A- or I’ll never get a job.” And how can you complain, when top ten law schools apparently believe the same thing.

3. This is, of course, completely self-defeating, since the job market will remain, well, competitive. Each school will raise their grades, and then the top firms, which used to hire people with a 3.5, will now only hire a 3.7. And next year it will be 3.9. Pretty soon the only grades you will be able to give anyone in good conscience will be A+ or A+/A (if they really fuck up.) Any school (or individual professor) that maintains normal grading policies will be under tremendous pressure to also adjust upwards. But once everyone has done that, then schools will only have to inflate once more.

4. I know how insanely naive and hopelessly idealistic this is, but it would be nice to think that schools were more than assembly lines to get you jobs, cranking out new suits. That, you know, school policies were based on education and self-improvment, not making sure you get that douchy $150,000 corporate gig.


Written by Peter Wirzbicki

June 22, 2010 at 00:05

Posted in Academia, Law

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  1. beautiful.


    July 1, 2010 at 18:44

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