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by Wiz

Because I love a good nasty book review…

I haven’t read Tony Blair’s new book, nor, I admit, am I likely to. And obviously a writer who goes by the tag line “lenin” isn’t exactly a dispassionate one. But I encourage everyone to read this post reviewing Tony Blair’s memoirs, titled, cutely, “Tony Blair Must Die.”
Favorite lines:

Bless the former PM for reminding us why we despise every sordid molecule of him. Few British leaders apart from Margaret Thatcher have been so completely loathed….To his war crimes, he adds crimes against language and taste. It is appropriate, perhaps, that one of the monsters of our age should communicate his de profundis to us in a style befitting the morning television chat show. The matey populism, the chattiness, and the familiar cliche-riddled inarticulacy, is surely the fitting idiom for a thoroughly modern serial killer. But there’s something else – the discursive style suggests that Blair probably made use of a ghost writer who transcribed his waffling while the former premiere gurgled from the shower or expatiated from the back seat of a limo. Blair would deny this, and has complained that Robert Harris was a ‘cheeky fuck’ for suggesting that he was such a lightweight as to require a ghost-writer. A plausible alternative is that he used a team of monkeys with typewriters and some unfortunate editors had to piece together the smarmiest copy.

Almost as enjoyable as Matt Taibbi’s reviews of Thomas Friedman


Written by Peter Wirzbicki

September 7, 2010 at 16:52

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  1. And we can’t wait until GW Bush’s memoire in November. I’m looking forward to even more witty scathing reviews.


    September 8, 2010 at 00:29

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