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Poetic Protest and Occupy Wall Street

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by David

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, I wrote this poem. Hope you enjoy.

“The Genesis of Poetic Protest: An Ode to Occupy Wall Street”

By David Weinfeld

Some newcomers near the Occupied Zone.
“We agree with you!” the moderates moan,
tired of the strain that Wall Street rained down
on Main. “We’re of the 99 percent,
but here’s our two cents: you won’t get nothing
tweeting in a park.” But didn’t Rosa
Parks sit in a seat and spark a movement?

“Be practical, be tactical, be real.
You know the deal. Don’t be a radical.
Chill. Vote for Change in the Office. We know
we will.” But the State’s on sabbatical,
waging war abroad rather than righting
a range of homemade ills, impotent Mules
reduced to fighting frauds and fools galore.

Tea Time is over. A sleeping giant
has woken to the weeping wails, angry
at the corruption, shamelessness and greed
that left the game broken and the nation
to bleed. The people have spoken, their call
an eruption, not in one voice or name,
but all fed up, demanding a true choice.

“Join us!” They cry. “Share in our Creation!
We’re not after the cops but who’s on tops.
Bring a friend, listen, offer some advice.
Use your imagination. We’re rather nice,
and we’re all different, hardly a herd,
prepared to hear every word, whether
wise or witless, we’re democrats and proud.”

Now they’re so loud, their foes are scared shitless.
They address allies, cool cats who lean left
and stay skeptics stationed on the sidelines,
suspicious of the mobilized masses
from all classes. It’s time for oration
and argument in alliteration
with the occasional recourse to rhyme:

“We’re not merely bashing big bad bankers
and trashing trust-fund wankers wickedly
pursuing pleasure, treasure, and trinkets,
thinking they’re the best of us while taking
from the rest of us. We do not demand
handouts, just justice and the dignity
we deserve. We expect freedom, fairness,
respect. In the fight to protect these rights,
some principled pragmatism is great
to moderate the movement. We’d even
accept some righteous realism.
But we’re sick of cynicism. So please
suggest a strategy or stay silent
as we’ve got bricks to lay and miles to go.”

Sabbath brought smiles. Tomorrow is today.


Written by David Weinfeld

November 14, 2011 at 11:49

2 Responses

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  1. Sweet! I got a publisher man. Got two books done! Give me a call homie!

    Steve Cieslewicz

    November 14, 2011 at 23:44

  2. This speaks that poems are used to express anything and that it can be a tool to express the feelings of not only by a few but of a group of people with the same purpose.

    Types of Poetry

    November 15, 2011 at 03:10

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