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Occupy Harvard vs Goldman Sachs and The Conservative Crimson

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by David

Occupy Harvard

Occupy Harvard, the student branch of the broader Occupy Wall Street movement, recently attempted to disrupt a Goldman Sachs information session run by Harvard’s Office of Career Services. The Crimson, the daily student newspaper I worked for when I attended from 2001-2005, printed an obnoxious editorial condemning Occupy Harvard for this noble act.

Among the stupid things they wrote:

to single out Goldman Sachs as a single target of opprobrium for causing the financial crisis is myopic and unoriginal; Goldman has been in the eye of the storm of banker bashing for close to three years now. No one has successfully proven yet that this one investment bank caused the financial crisis and benefited unduly from it. Instead, the bank was simply one actor out of many, and certainly doesn’t fit the role of super villain as well as the Occupy Harvard folks imagine it does.

And this:

More unsavory, the protest carried with it a strong sentiment against Harvard undergraduates seeking careers in the financial services industry. Perhaps it is not ideal that so many of us go on to Wall Street, but targeting individuals looking at career options in this way is hardly the appropriate remedy. 

I read that editorial and got angry. I wrote this letter in response, where I offered my support to Occupy Harvard’s efforts. I wrote stuff like this:

Those members of Occupy Harvard who tried to disrupt the Goldman Sachs information session should be commended. Rather than singling Goldman out, Occupy Harvard has simply targeted the bank as one of many offenders from a financial sector that severely damaged the United States economy. This was not an effort to sway students to work for J.P. Morgan. Indeed, this action represents the best strategy for Occupy Harvard, that is, to disrupt the corporate recruiting process as a whole.

You can read the whole letter here. I’ll add that I’m shocked and dismayed at how conservative The Crimson editorial board has become. It didn’t use to be this way.


Written by David Weinfeld

December 6, 2011 at 23:23

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  1. “…worked for when I attendED.”


    January 3, 2012 at 14:15

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